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About Vandeventer

Family traditions are words we hear less and less in this day and time, especially in the business world. Many family businesses have ceased to exist due to economics, buyouts, death or lack of interest from the founder's descendants. At Vandeventer Truck Sales we are different. We are proud to have four generations of our family to be part of this wonderful business.

Vandeventer Truck Sales was established as Vandeventer Auto Sales in 1928 by Bill Fishel and his brother Al Fishel. Al sold out to Bill Fishel early in the business's history. Bill Fishel was a tough but loveable character. He built his business with a solid work ethic characteristic of many first generation Americans. His business was his passion and his outgoing personality is still remembered 43 years after his death.

Marvin Fishel, Bill's only son, joined the business in 1947. He was a part of Vandeventer his entire business career, which spanned 50 years. His personality and love of life made "the place" (aka Vandeventer) a wild and crazy place to do business and have fun in the process.

In 1979, Mark Fishel joined Vandeventer Truck Sales. He is one of Marvin Fishel's two boys. Today, he is the owner and operator of Vandeventer Truck Sales. Mark has brought the business into the modern era. His honesty and integrity are known throughout the land. In a world of contracts and lawyers, our family's generations have always believed that, "A handshake is a deal and you never go back on your word."

These are time honored traditions that our family intends to continue as the mantle is passed.

We are very lucky to have our shop supervisor, Matt Risney, who is involved with the technical aspects of the business. Matt has been at Vandeventer for over 28 years. We are proud of that fact as well. Loyalty to one company is very rare indeed. We are very fortunate to have Matt and we continue to look forward to many years of working with him.

As to you, our customers, as we continue the rich history of Vandeventer Truck Sales, we say the following. I am excited to help those of you who come to our family business to buy, sell or trade you truck(s). It is you that helps us continue our family's heritage.

701-717 SOUTH VANDEVENTER AVE. ST. LOUIS, MO 63110   (314) 371-1750   FAX 371-1752

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